About us

Company Fugo Group Sp. z o.o. was created with a mission to satisfy the needs of fans and lovers of hookahs not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the world!
We are ready to offer you only high-quality products with the latest world design trends at the best prices.
We helped to open lounge bars in Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.
We regularly expand our assortment, offering the latest in hookahs, accessories and tobacco.

We are pleased to provide our customers with manufacturers such as:

- Al Mani - hookahs and accessories
- ASA - Polish vases
- CULTt - tobacco, glycerine, molasses
- Esperanza - coal burner
- Amy Deluxe - hookahs and accessories
- Kaya - hookahs and accessories
- Karma - hookahs and accessories
- Maklaud - hookahs and accessories
- Solaris - bowls and mouth tips
- Totem Hookah - hookahs and accessories
- Alpha Hookah - hookahs and accessories
- Cocopalm - coals
- Oblako - bowls
- UPG - bowls
- Big Maks hookahs, vases and accessories
- Cosmo Bowl - bowls and accessories
- Fugo - bowls
- Honey Sigh hookahs
- Hoob hookahs and accessories
- Hooligan hookahs and accessories
- Koress - hookahs and accessories
- Mattpear - hookahs and accessories
- Nube - hookahs and accessories
- Shaman - coconut coals for hookahs
- Vintage - bowls and accessories

You can purchase our entire range both at retail and wholesale at the best prices!
Our company is always ready to support our customers and give them advice and information regarding products. You just need to contact us by phone or via email.
Regards and best wishes FUGO GROUP.